The WikiHouse R&D community currently meets in Slack. Anyone may request access to the group, but this is not a forum, please only join this group if you are intending to actively adapt or develop WikiHouse technologies.

Open Challenges

  1. Structural testing and documentation of WREN

    In order to make it easier for engineers, building control officers and mortgage companies to do structural calculations and to certify WREN in projects, we need structural engineers to do further R&D, structural lab testing and documentation of the system’s structural performance. Find out more here.

  2. Help improve documentation

    Help develop better documentation for any of the existing solutions in the library, including models, instruction manuals and even instructional videos.

  3. Fork WREN

    Can you improve on the WREN system, for example, by making it easier, simpler and safer to build multiple storeys? Or create a fork and adapt it to your location.

  4. Develop a new open building technology

    Develop, test and share a new open building technology using the WikiHouse technology that solves a problem, and is compatible with the WikiHouse design principles. This might be any kind of building component, or a digital tool.

  5. Test and develop STARLING

    STARLING is an interior door kit which can be manufactured to size and rapidly assembled. Further testing and documentation of the assembly and installation process is required.